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About the Kayak

Last updated on December 18, 2019

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Where did the Kayak come from?

The kayak has been around for over 4000 years. It was created almost out of necessity by the people of the Arctic in order for them to be able to hunt and fish away from their frozen landscape on which they lived. At first, kayaks were constructed out of driftwood as there were no trees that were in the areas from which to get the wood that would make the frame.

Usually a husband and wife would work together to make this craft for themselves or the male to use. The wife would sew seal skins together to be stretched over the wooden frame that was made by the male. The wife would then make an insert that would fit over the cockpit to keep the craft water tight as many of the Arctic people were unable to swim. This is where the term Eskimo roll comes from.

However, we can now see that many changes have been made from the first kayaks.  First of all, most people do not make their own as they are usually purchased and are in most cases mass manufactured. There are also the actual materials that are used in the making of the kayak as well. In most cases, animal skins are not used at all as these have been replaced with more durable man made materials. As well there are many more purposes and designs behind the kayak. Each design is now specialized to get more interest in specific markets as well as to boost sales of the many different styles.

So as times have progressed so have kayaks. They originally were a single purpose craft which has now been turned into an extreme sport and leisure activity and any other type of water adventure that one can imagine in a man-powered craft. Just like everything else as times change the kayak will as well

Bella Vista Paddlers Club

Bella Vista has a fairly large group of Kayakers that paddle the 7 lakes within Bella Vista and surrounding waters.  Most Tuesdays from spring until well into the fall season, you can find 20 or more kayaks floating as a group (check out their FaceBook group – Bella Vista Paddlers) on one of our seven lakes.  The group is free to join and very loosely organized into a group of people who enjoy kayaking on our beautiful lakes.  You will see men, women, children and even dogs floating on various sizes and styles of kayaks.  Some paddle hard for the exercise and some simply relax and enjoy a slow peaceful float.  Some even take the opportunity to fish.  We are a friendly group and newcomers are welcome.  Bring a lawn chair to circle up and chat with us after the float.  Float begins at 6 pm on Tuesdays at different launching points one of our seven lakes and lasts an hour. Feel free to bring your water-loving canine pal (remember they need life vests too).  A schedule is provided on the Facebook group page.

The Bella Vista Online Mall includes a “Kayaking Shop” that you can visit and order kayaking equipment/accessories and even kayaks like the Vibe SeaGhost, or the SUNDOLPHIN Capri Sit-On Recreational Kayak (Jade, 10-Feet)

If you are interested in beginning kayaking, I’m sharing some links to great videos to learn from:

Local Kayak Shop

Bella Vista has its own local kayak shop also that is family run, where you can check out their floor models and talk kayaking.  Check out their Facebook page

Ozark Kayak
3706 NW Frontage Rd.
Bentonville, Arkansas 72712
(479) 866-0900

If you visit their shop, tell them The Bella Vista Online Mall referred you.


I enjoy getting questions and comments from mall visitors, please leave yours below.  Also, if you have friends that enjoy kayaking, share this post with them. -Shirley

NOTE:  This page contains affiliate links, which, if clicked on and a item purchased, I get a small commission.

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