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Acrylic Paint


Oil Pastels



Colored Pencils



More Brushes

Palette Knives

Online Art Lessons/Info

Paint Basket Online Lessons Udemy Artist Network Gagnon Studio Online Painting Lessons A Walk Into Abstracts
A membership site for various art classes and free tutorials Udemy has classes on everything including art. Art lessons/videos and competition information A master artist teaching acrylic and oil painting. An Artist Resource downloadable ebook.  369 pages of artists doing abstract art.

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Products (coming soon)

  1. Canvases
  2. Stretched canvas
  3. gallery wrapped canvas
  4. Canvas Board
  5. Watercolor paper
  6. Pastel paper
  7. Sketch books
  8. Journals
  9. erasers
  10. Easels
  11. Drawing pads
  12. Charcoal
  13. Pens
  14. Drawing pencils
  15. Mixing palette
  16. Resin supplies
  17. Glass jars
  18. Stencils
  19. artist tape
  20. Art Cases
  21. Portfolio cases
  22. Brush bags
  23. Light box
  24. Art table
  25. Canvas Panels
  26. Art training books
  27. Art training videos
  28. Art training DVDs
  29. Online art classes





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