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Biking is one of the favorite sports and ways to exercise in northwest Arkansas and definitely in Bella Vista.  The area is filled with bike trails and paths and bikers can cycle for miles and miles on scenic bike paths.

A drive around the area will show you many cyclists on the paths and streets.  These cyclists are often passionate about their wheeling hobby.  You canfind any groups to join and enjoy cycling as a group.

Facebook Groups and websites:


Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Tire Patch Repair Kits

Bike Mirrors

Adult Helmets

Children Helmets

Bells For Bikes

Bike Gloves


Biking Shoes

 Biking Shorts

Air Pumps

 Trailers for kids

Lights for Bikes

Seats For Bikes

Bike Bags

Cycling Glasses

Cycling Books


Cell Phone Holder

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Products to Come

  1. Bike reflectors
  2. Valve caps
  3. Wheel lights
  4. Cup holders
  5. Hitch racks
  6. Bike stands
  7. Locking chains
  8. Water bottles
  9. Peddles
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