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Grandparents -missing your grandchildren? Do this!

Last updated on May 2, 2020

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Image of two grandparents and two kids along a lakefront.

Miss your grandchildren?

Maybe you are like me during this quarantine, you miss seeing and hugging your grandchildren.

This pandemic has messed up all my plans to see grandchildren.

We have had to cancel traveling across the country to see our beautiful Jeanne graduate from high school. Our 3 little grandchildren (14 months, 4.5 years and 7 years) are only 3 hours away but we still have to stay home because of the quarantine.  All this can be so depressing. I really love my grand kids and I’ve been thinking up ways to stay in contact with my kids and grandchildren.

Quarantined from Your Grandchildren

#1 The best way I can stay in touch is through the FaceTime app. This allows me to actually see my grandchildren and talk to them in real time.  We can ask each other questions, share laughs, show each other some new things around the house, including my “giant dog, Boaz”.  My daughter will set her phone up so I can watch the little kids play some and then I can talk to each one specifically. I can even snap some quick pics of them on my iphone.

#2 My teenage granddaughters are on social media and I can talk to them through facebook and facebook messages.  We can send pictures and videos to each other.

# 3  I’ve been creating some letters to mail to my two little grandsons (4.5 years and 7 years).  The 7 year old can read a few words of my letter and I send both he and his younger brother pictures to color that their mom can mail back to me for my refrigerator door. I just open a Word document, write my letter to my grandson and then add a picture they can color for me.

#4  Recently I’ve found out about “monthly subscriptions boxes” that I can have mailed to the little ones as a surprise gift each month.  These will both surprise and delight my little grandsons. There are subscription boxes for everyone (kids, grandkids, pets and adults).

Love Your Grandchildren – Send them this!

I recently found out about monthly subscription boxes which you can order for kids, grandkids, sons and daughters and others.

Here are some different kind of subscription boxes:

Here are some other cool subscription boxes, even for dogs and cats


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  1. It is hard not being able to see and hug your children and grandchildren. Some of mine I am caring for so I can hug them, the others are adults and quarantined in their own homes. Plus one that lives further away I cannot visit.
    We do facetime and once a week a zoom sessions when we all join in, up to 6 homes. Its noisy and fun and helps with the separation.
    I didn’t know you could get subscription boxes like that, such a lovely idea to send to loved ones.
    Enjoyed the post, thank you Shirley.

    • Hi Linda, thanks for reading my blog post and your comment. I just started the subscription box for my 2 young grandsons and I’m curious what the next box will contain. Thanks for your comment and visiting my site. -Shirley

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