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How to Improve your Golf Swing from Home

Last updated on December 18, 2019

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There just may be a new way to help improve your Golf game

With any sport, there are different ways to improve, such as the following:

1.  Practice

2. Taking Lessons with a Pro

But just maybe there is a third way you can utilize to improve your skills.  I’m talking about a way I have used over the years for sports like softball, volleyball, kayaking and more.  I’m a visual person and I learn by both doing, and by watching.  I also  like to learn by reading.  But the method I’m talking about today is by watching and listening.

You can learn by watching others perform the skills you want to master and its best when you are watching and listening to a detailed description of the movement or technique you want to learn.  I do this a lot using video instruction – I go online to YouTube and watch lots of videos there.  I did this before I even got into the kayak my husband and I purchased last year.  I learned about the different paddle strokes, about how to get back in your kayak after falling out and I watched many videos on how to be safe on moving water.

3.  Online Classes

I began taking online courses many years ago and I still enjoy learning online through reading and instructional videos.  I’ve found great places to learn from master instructors and Udemy is one of them.

I am signed up for 66 Udemy online classes right now.  They cover every subject from art (traditional acrylic, watercolor, pastel, oil and ink painting, and drawing to digital painting with Corel Painter and Photoshop) to business classes, affiliate marketing, selling online, creating websites, dog training, photography, tee-shirt design, publishing and creating an ebook, losing weight and more.  I have access to all of these courses 24/7 and can take them as many times as I want.  And best of all, I purchased every course on sale for between $9 and $15 instead of paying the full regular prices.

For Golfers, there are currently some great courses available like these below:

The Perfect Golf Swing – Timeless Golf Instruction

Sign up with this link:  The Perfect Golf Swing

Absolutely the best golf videos ever made, period. 99% of golf instruction is utter nonsense.
4.3 (180 ratings)
982 students enrolled
Created by Jim McLellan
Last updated 3/2013

What Will I Learn?

  • Know exactly how to transform your golf swing into a perfect golf swing
  • Lower your score

  • Fix your golf slice, once and for all

  • Increase the distance of your drives
  • Improve your chipping, putting and sand shots
  • Shock all of your friends you have been playing with for years by suddenly surpassing their skills and leaving them in the dust!


The Perfect Golf Swing is the internationally acclaimed course taught by golf pro Jim McLellan.

Jim has been featured by the New York Times, NBC, CBS, Entertainment Tonight, Today’s Golfer, and ABC.  He is also prominently featured in John Richardson’s bestselling book, “Dream On”

Jim has helped tens of thousands of golfers improve their Golf Swing Basics when all other instruction has failed.

Volume I is ten lessons that cover the basics of how to transform your swing into a perfect Golf swing.  All that is required is a golf club and your willingness to do what Jim says.  In fact, in the beginning, you don’t go to a golf course, you don’t even hit a golf ball.  Whether you’re just starting or have been playing for years, this is about starting out right or about un-learning all of the bad habits and bad instruction that other magazines, books, and videos have put in your head about Golf Swing Basics.

Volume II is about taking your game to the next level.  Increasing power and distance, fixing your slice, chipping, putting, sand shots, etc.

All of the instruction is delivered via video, and Jim will be available to answer questions you post to Udemy.

Golf Fundamentals | Learn the basics well, from a pro coach.

Sign up with this link:  Golf Fundamentals

Rapidly learn how to golf with these practically taught golf fundamentals of posture, grip, club selection, and swing.
4.3 (13 ratings)
231 students enrolled
Created by Frazer BondJoel Young
Last updated 12/2015

What Will I Learn?

  • Correct posture & Grip for healthy injury free golf
  • Have a basic understanding of golf equipment

  • Knowledge of shot types & where to use them

  • Practice golf effectively on your own
  • Learn drills to create muscle memory for correct swing, grip, posture, and impact.
  • Be able to tee off and play!


Frazer Bond is going to take you through the fundamentals of Golf.

You will learn about Posture, Grip, and Swing, fully illustrated with different camera angles, and photographs.

You will master your backswing and forward swing with a full breakdown until impact, and then drills to ensure you build the muscle memory required to hit each ball perfectly.

You will then be guided around New Zealand’s incredibly scenic international course at Gulf Harbour – well, in particular, the 16th hole. You will be stepped through two different strategies for playing the hole from teeing off till putting including some etiquette along the way.

At the end of this course, you will confidently be able to play a round of golf knowing that you are building on a technical foundation that will not only help you enjoy the game but may serve as the first step in your golf career.

Ultimate Golf: The Perfect Golf Swing and Beyond

Sign up with this link:  Ultimate Golf

The Three Keys To Consistency
4.8 (13 ratings)
81 students enrolled
Created by Dave Johnston
Last updated 9/2016


Have you ever hit a perfect shot?

My name is Dave Johnston. I have been teaching golf for a living for 33 years. This course is based on the most common questions I’ve received from over 11,000 students. Produced with Rick Davis (a dedicated 14 handicap golfer), we are committed to helping you discover the essentials elements found in every consistent swing.

This step-by-step approach will help you develop your unique style and give you the tools to monitor your progress.

The majority of once-a-week golfers attempt to correct effects without understanding the underlying cause. If you’re familiar with the term “consistently inconsistent”, then this program will set you on the path to constant improvement.

This course is a unique format, comprised of three distinct sections.

Part One focuses on the swing essentials found in every consistent swing. We look at the three elements that are the stepping stones for consistency in every part of the game, from Putting to Driving and everything in between.

Part Two is an introduction to the mental side of the game. In the next program, (Spring 2017) we will look at some common misconceptions and offer guidelines to help you elevate your game beyond the level of swing mechanics.

Our first interview is conducted with Mr. Danny King, Director of Instruction at the prestigious Magna Golf club in Aurora, Ontario. Danny is a 4 time winner of both the Ontario and Canadian PGA championships and was voted
2016 player of the year by his peers. Danny’s insight on common misconceptions and the development of junior golf program development is enlightening.

Part Three consists of bonus material on golf fitness with Ms. Shanon McMillan, owner of Core Shots Fitness in Markham, Ontario, Canada.

Shanon is a certified personal trainer and a certified CCCP Level 2 gymnastics and trampoline coach.

Her insight on common golf injuries (such as golfers elbow) and some simple stretching routines before and after a game, will help golfers at every level increase flexibility, avoid injury and gain more distance off the tee.

You should check out these great online courses while they are on sale and see if its something that can help you with your game.


Try a Golf Magazine

Golf Digest – 1 year, 11 issues.  $19.99 Golfweek – 1 year, 14 issues.  $29.95


I enjoy receiving comments and questions, you can leave yours below. – shirley

NOTE: This page contains affiliate links, which when clicked on and a product purchased, I receive a small commisson.  This helps to defray the costs of this website.

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