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I love Rosie- my Robotic Roomba 980 vacuum

Last updated on April 21, 2020

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My Roomba “Rosie”

I ditched my regular vacuum 2 years ago because I could not vacuum from my wheelchair or deal with the pain of pushing that bulky $2k machine around and emptying the water.

I now have “Rosie” my irobot Roomba 980 vacuum and I love her.

Rosie cleans my floors because I am physically unable to clean them myself.  I’m in a wheelchair and using a regular mop or a vacuum is pretty hard from my sitting position and also hurts my back and arms.  She saves me so much time and pain.  I hire a lady to come to clean my home twice a month, but in between, Rosie cleans every other day and keeps my home looking tidy.

Rosie has lived with my husband and myself for over 2 years and is still working hard.  I remember the day we got Rosie.  We found her while shopping at Bed, Bath and Beyond and managed to get her while she was on sale.  She is a professional and was definitely not cheap.

After taking her home and getting her ready to work (an easy process), we waited a while after plugging her in for her to “juice” up.  It was at a holiday time and most of my family was there (my husband and myself, my daughter, son-in-law, little grandson and our monster Giant Schnauzer “Bo”.   We named our Roomba “Rosie” (we are Jetson fans).

Rosie started working as soon as she left the charging station, her extractors twirling around furiously and her rollers on full thrust.  She began “mapping” the layout of our home.

Imagine 5 people (4 adults, 1 toddler) and a 130-pound dog sitting in our living room and staring at the little round workhorse we named “Rosie” as she rolled up and down and under and around the living room furniture.  We sat there fascinated watching this small robot do her job and memorize the dimensions of our rooms and where our furniture was located.  My little grandson and my dog “Bo” followed around after her trying to figure out what she was doing.  We all found “Rosie” quite entertaining for about 45 minutes.  Even now I find myself watching mesmerized as she rolls around my house and under my furniture.  It’s still fun to watch her do my work.

That was two years ago and at our former home.  Since then, Rosie has mapped our new home in Bella Vista and does her cleaning job every other day.  She is great at picking up dirt and small debris that my hiking husband and dog bring in (leaves, twigs, pine needles, etc.).  Rosie makes the first round, her sensors guiding her in cleaning each room and then she goes back to the charging station for a while and later makes the 2nd round, cleaning around the edges of the room and furniture.  When she finishes that, she heads back to her station and then my only job is to remove her small collection bin and shake the collected debris out in the trash can. She makes keeping our floors looking good much easier.

We have engineered hardwood flooring throughout our home except for tile floors in the bathrooms and laundry room.  We have a few doormats at the doors and bathroom rugs.  Rosie handles these pretty well and we can hear her working slightly harder when she is on the rug or mat surface.  She cleans carpets fine too (we had carpets when we first moved to our new home).

About Roomba 980

The Roomba 980 was irobot’s latest and best model until very recently when the e models and  i7+ came out. The 980 comes with a home base charging station, 2 virtual wall barriers (battery operated with 4AA batteries which are also included), an extra filter and side brush.  There is a owners guide and some documentation and the 980 has a Manufacturer Warranty. The owners’ guide is available online also.

The Roomba 980 specializes in multi-room mapping and cleaning and can be controlled via your wifi network by an iRobot app on your smartphone or through Amazon Alexa devices.  You can start your robotic maid before leaving the office and hit the grocery store and pick up kids at the daycare while she cleans your floors so you arrive at a nice dirt free house.

The Roomba 980 is a gentle cleaner, gently bumping her way around your expensive furniture and painted baseboards as she works.  She can fit under most couches and chairs and will work her way around the legs to clean your floor space.  She can sense a dropoff and will not fall down your steps.  She can maneuver over low door sills though and we once found Rosie out of the laundry room and beginning to clean our garage floor.  So you can close the doors of rooms you do not want her to enter.  You can also set up one of the two virtual wall barries to keep her from going in certain areas.

Watch the Roomba 980 at work (this guy has named his Roomba “Steve”

Where can you purchase the Roomba 980?

There are several stores that offer the Roomba 980, but I’ve round Amazon to offer one of the lowest prices available at $699.99


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