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The Kayaking Shop

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Why Do you Need A Paddle Float?

Paddle floats allow you to perform a self-rescue.  Kayakers learn to re-enter their kayak after a mishap that puts them in the water.  By  attaching an inflatable bag, called a paddle float, on the end of a paddle to act as an outrigger, a kayaker will be able to stabilize the kayak as he/she gets back into it. The paddle float  is very easily stored bungee-corded to the kayak.  Here is a good video to watch and learn how to use a paddle float.

Kayak Paddle Float

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Kayak Seats

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Complete SUNDOLPHIN cAPRI Sit-on Recreational Kayak (10-feet) Package

Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 110 11′, Perception Crank 10′, Pelican 10′, Stand UP Paddle Board, Peception Zip

Complete SUNDOLPHIN cAPRI Sit-on Recreational Kayak (10-feet) Package


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