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Lets learn to do Yoga! Plus Challenge Review

Last updated on February 24, 2020

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Image of woman sitting on yoga mat

Is Yoga The Perfect Exercise?

Is Yoga the perfect form of exercise and relaxation? Let’s make a list of what our ideal type of exercise would do. Firstly it would be simple enough that anyone could do it, but have enough variations and different methods that it would maintain the interest of someone who had been practicing it for years. It would need to be easy to learn so that people could pick up the basics quickly and stat seeing the benefits as soon as possible. To be a perfect form of exercise it would need to be capable of keep our body in good shape all by itself. It would help with weight loss, circulation and increasing the strength of the muscles. It would stimulate the lymphatic system as well as the blood flow and help the body dispose of waste products, improving the overall immune response system. It would also have benefits that went beyond health – the sharpening of the mind and an increased sense of well being and contentment. Ideally it would be an exercise form that required no expensive equipment and that could be practiced practically anywhere, alone or in a group.

This is quite a demanding set of prerequisites for a perfect form of exercise. Let’s see if Yoga measures up to these standards.

Yoga is a discipline that has its routes in India. The documents that modern Yoga is based on are hundreds of years old, and the principles behind these documents were practiced long before that. It is a low impact form of exercise that has been tweaked and customized by literally thousands of different teachers and enthusiasts. There are numerous resulting ‘styles’ of Yoga, but they all have the same core background and beliefs. What we refer to as Yoga in the West is usually the physical component of an entire life philosophy that has its own beliefs and code of ethics built-in.

Image of Women doing YogaThe physical focus of Yoga is on poses and slow movements that are low impact and usually use nothing more than our own body. Sometimes props and supports are used to assist the body in achieving and holding a particular pose. The poses can vary greatly in their degree of difficulty and even the same pose can have many different stages or levels. The perfect example is a simple forward stretch. One person may be able to stretch out past their knees, another may be able to reach their ankles and somebody else may be able to touch the floor. This level of progression allows us to see a physical difference in our flexibility level as we practice Yoga more regularly. And because Yoga does not require any special equipment we are not refined to set class times and can practice Yoga anywhere and any time the fancy takes us. We can even do breathing exercises to clear the mind while sitting at a work desk.

Yoga has some incredible health benefits which stem from controlled breathing and increased blood flow. Our bodies organs simply do not operate at peak efficiency unless they are receiving the oxygen and nutrients that they need. The waste products from our muscles and organs are carried away by the lymphatic system. Both systems can develop chokepoints and blockages that different Yoga poses will address and correct. The result is a better more regular blood pressure, a more efficient immune system, and an optimal digestive process.

Because Yoga movements are slow and simple, the focus on correct breathing has a pronounced mental effect on the body. It provides us with an enhanced ability to focus, and to un-clutter our thoughts. This is a valuable edge in modern life and its importance should not be underestimated.

Finally, many regular Yoga enthusiasts will tell you that there is a spiritual side to Yoga, how far this affects an individual will probably depend on their beliefs before they begin practicing Yoga, but it can perhaps be thought of most accurately with greater comfort and connection with your own body. The increased acceptance of yourself and comfort with your own being results directly in more happy people.

So, it looks like Yoga does indeed check all the boxes and can be thought of as a perfect exercise form.

Yoga Poses And What They Achieve

Yoga has been described as a science which seeks to achieve the harmonious and balanced development of the body, mind, and soul. It is a system which allows us to bring culture, balance and happiness to ourselves. It works via a need for strong mental discipline and the ancient theories, which it is based on regarding the interconnection between the mind and body, are now being regularly supported by modern scientific theory. Yoga consists of a number of different exercises or poses.

Examples of these poses are the cat and cow poses. Both are connected and begin with you on all fours on the floor. Arching the back upwards as a cornered cat places you in the cat pose and the reverse, lowering the back puts you into the cow pose.

Image of women doing yoga poseAnother common form of exercise is a forward bend that will help in the stretching of the lower back and hamstring muscles. There are a number of other advantages to forward bends: They release tension in the back neck and shoulder as well as increasing the flexibility of the spine. Forward bends can be uncomfortable if you have any injuries in the next or back area, but regularly performing will help assists in the recovery of these injuries and even strengthen the area for the future.

The counterpart of a forward bend is a backbend. These open up the chest, hips and rib cage area. As well as strengthening the arms, they also provide increased strength and flexibility to the shoulders. This type of exercise is fantastic at increasing the stability of the spine but is also useful for relieving built-up tension along the front of the body and the hips. The relationship between back and forward bends is a perfect example of the importance of the bodies balance in Yoga.

Hatha Yoga poses were developed in India during the fifteenth century. They are designed as an aid to relaxation and healing and usually introduced with a concept of “the contemplation of one reality”. The result of using these exercises properly and in conjunction with suitable breathing exercises and meditation is an increase in vitality, physical health and stronger mental health. Hatha Yoga exercises have become a part of numerous different Yoga disciplines over the years and it’s quite common to see exercises such as the half-moon posture, the bow posture of the salutation posture even if it is not Hatha Yoga you are practicing. This is because the principles of Yoga and the movements and balances required are fairly consistent from one discipline to another.

Another simple Yoga exercise is doing the twist. Twists will strengthen and stretch your back or abdominal muscles and help to increase the flexibility of your spine. They also aid in increasing your bodies circulation that brings oxygen supplies to your cells. This fresh blood and oxygen supply that is released as you twist will improve the functioning of your bodies internal organs.

A yoga session will often begin with a standing pose. These are a very good low impact, low-stress starting points for a Yoga session. Standing poses benefit the legs and hips and help provide a sense of centering, balance and of course strength to the legs themselves. The end of a Yoga session is usually marked by a group of poses known as Relation and Restorative Poses. This group of exercises is designed to give the positive energies and forces released by the Yoga session to move throughout your body and benefit you completely.

Yoga in Bella Vista Recreation Centers

There are yoga classes for yoga enthusiasts offered in Bella Vista.  Riordan Hall has several Yoga classes on schedule now.

Riordan Hall is a 19,300-square-foot building centrally located in Bella Vista. The facility offers two large meeting rooms, two small meeting rooms, an auditorium, stage, a kitchen area with warmers and refrigeration, a fitness room, a hot tub with a men’s and women’s locker room, and a snooker room.

Exercise Classes

SilverSneaker Yoga Stretch Mon./Wed. 8:30 a.m.
SilverSneaker Classic Muscular Strength & Range of Movement Tue./Thu. 10:30 a.m.
Yoga Tues./Thu. 9 a.m.
Zumba Low-impact Tue./Thu. 8:15 a.m.
Yoga Flow Mon./Wed. 6:15 p.m.

Branchwood Recreation Center

SilverSneakers BOOM Mon. 9 a.m.
SilverSneakers Cardio Tue./Thu. 9 a.m.
Chair Yoga Mon./Wed./Fri. 10:30 a.m.
Water Fitness Mon./Wed./Fri. 10 a.m.
Silver Splash Mon./Wed. 11 a.m.
Power H2O Tue./Thu. 8 a.m.
Power H2O Tue./Thu. 10 a.m.
Power H2O Sat. 9 a.m.
Total Body Workout Wed./Fri. 9 a.m.
WaterWorks! Tue./Thu. 6 p.m.

Yoga at Home

Yoga is also an exercise that lends itself to doing at home.  Simply put your yoga mat down in your living room and slip in a yogo DVD or turn on a class on your TV.  You can also find Yoga videos on the internet aat Youtube.

Yoga Training Review

If you are interested in a full-fledged class for the home you might try out the following popular training for yourself as it challenges you to stretch and strengthen your body.

1 Yoga Tip For A Tiny Belly

See, there is a unique, yet proven yoga strategy you can use –right in the comfort of your own home– to tighten and tone your body FAST.

Best of all, it’s peaceful. It calms your mind, boosts your confidence, and Women all over the globe are raving about this totally unique strategy.

Points about this Challenge:

  • The free presentation below will explain what the brand new, follow-along from home “Challenge” is all about, how it works, and how you can take part right away starting today.
  • You can do this Challenge from the privacy of your own home.
  • This totally unique fitness routine is designed exclusively for women that would like to work on shaping, tightening and toning their entire body while burning fat and enjoying the wonderful benefits of yoga at the same time. The key to the effectiveness of the Challenge lies in the revolutionary form of low impact resistance training called Extension Training.
  • You’ll discover exactly how you can use Extension Training to help get into great shape while being able to avoid the common problems and drawbacks associated with typical resistance training programs that are designed for men.
  • The training is only 15 minutes of your day.  This unique and exhilarating little 15-minute fitness routine is now being followed successfully by many hundreds of real, everyday women from all walks of life and dozens of different countries across the globe. Just be sure to watch this presentation until the end because the best is saved for last!

*Results may vary depending on age, weight and other biological factors as well as how long and how closely you follow the information presented. As individuals will vary, so will results.

You just have to see it to believe it by clicking on the image below:

Image of yoga person


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