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Product: Paint Basket Online Art Lessons website Review

Last updated on February 24, 2020

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Product:  Paint Basket – Online Art Lessons

Website: Paint Basket Online Art Lessons

(an art training membership site)

Cost:  tutorials are free; VIP membership is$1 for first 7 days; $19/month after that.

My Rating

Target Audience:  Artists and those who want to learn about various art, how to create it and increase their skill levels.


Paint Basket Online Art Lessons is a site that offers over 500 draw and paint along classes and courses totaling over 800 hours worth of art instruction.  There are over 100 FREE tutorials and more added weekly for anyone.

There is also a VIP membership which you can join and have access to all the classes and courses.  Classes are offered for all artists: beginner, intermediate and advanced skill levels. Courses will include several classes which follow one another in skill level.

There is a Forum which VIP members can access on the Paint Basket Online Art Lessons site and also from the Paint Basket Art Classes site once you have purchased one class.


Paint Basket’s classes consist of text-based tutorials along with videos.  Classes are offered for:

  • Pencil drawing
  • Pen & ink drawing
  • Pastel drawing
  • Acrylic painting
  • Watercolor painting
  • Oil painting
  • Some less known art forms like “scratchboard drawing”

Some of the created subjects include the following:

  •  Abstract
  •  Animals
  •  Cityscapes
  •  Flowers
  •  General
  •  Portraits
  •  Seascapes
  •  Still Life

There are over 100 FREE tutorials you can go through on the site.


Classes are follow along and offer both text and video to help students grasp the concepts and techniques.


The training covers most of the major mediums artists use and a variety of subjects.  There are 3 levels of skill (beginners, intermediate and advanced).  The over 100 FREE tutorials are nice and cover a variety of topics related to art rather than teach a specific technique/class.  FREE tutorials are added weekly.

  • As a VIP member you get:
  • Class videos for follow along projects
  • Art courses (which may include several classes)
  • Different Mediums
  • Art ebooks and reference guides
  • You can share your art and receive feedback
  • You may watch the classes as many types as you want


There is a Forum for members that are very active as well as a FaceBook Group which has a monthly art challenge and a tech support area.

At Paint Basket Online Art Lessons, you cannot purchase an individual class, but at the sister site “Paint Basket Art Classes” you may purchase individual lessons.

Paint Basket Online Lessons does offer an affiliate program.

Sign up for their email list and get notified when there are discounts offered on classes.

Paint Basket Art Classes site (you can buy single classes)



The site offers a “help” page with FAQs and the Forum has a tech support area for questions.


One the  Paint Basket Online Art Lessons site there are over 100 FREE tutorials.  You can also join as a VIP member for $1 for 7 days and after that pay $19/month to have access to all the training on the site – which is a significant amount.  The classes never expire and are always available to paid members.  You can end your subscription when you want by going to the Profile page  and look for the Subscriptions tab.  Both Credit Card and PayPal are accepted.

On the Paint Basket Art Classes site, you may purchase individual art classes.

In Conclusion

I’ve found this to be very nice training and the FREE tutorials are great and give insights on many different topics related to art (Color Mixing Secrets, How to Sell on Fine Art America, How to clean an Oil Painting, Drawing Tips for Painters and more).

Paint Basket operates 2 sites, the Paint Basket Online Art Lessons (a membership site) and the Paint Basket Art Classes (where you can purchase individual classes).  The member Forum and Facebook Group is a nice extra.

Check out the FREE tutorials.


Thanks for looking at my site and coming to this page. I would also love for you to leave any questions or comments below.  I enjoy talking about my experiences online nd what has worked or not worked for me. – Shirley

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Note:  This post contains affiliate links, which, when clicked and an item purchased, I receive a small commission.

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