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Run Spot Run: A pet 4 You

Last updated on January 27, 2020

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I love to tell stories, so let me tell you one.

Dad is driving home from work on evening and he is coming down the long, winding road.

He’s stopped at the local pet shop to pick Billy up a present. A surprise!!!

Mom knows what it was but they are both keeping the surprise from Billy. They want to see the happy look on his face!!

When Mom sees Dad’s car pull into the driveway she sends him upstairs for something. Dad sneaks the “surprise” into the living room so Mom can grab the camera.

Everything is ready as he comes back down the stairs. At first, he doesn’t think anything about it but then… Mom and Dad are acting like giggly teenager so he knows something is up.

As Mom and Dad separate they both say “surprise” kinda quietly. He sees a puppy in a basket sitting on the floor. His mouth drops to the floor because he knows not to squeal and scare the puppy.

Mom’s first question “Well, what’s his name?”. All he can think of is “Spot!”.

Oh Mom and Dad he is so cute!! I love him!!! Can I keep him in my room? squealed Billy.

No-No-No, he is an outside dog. You can help me build him a dog run in the backyard!!! That way he will have plenty of room to run, said Dad.

But Dad, he will be lonely out there all by himself!!, whined Billy.

Now Billy, he will be fine, promised Mom.

OK Billy, for tonight ONLY he can sleep in the garage since we don’t have a dog run for him yet, agreed Mom and Dad.

The next morning Billy and Dad got up early, since it was Saturday, and they could build the dog run and a dog house for Spot!!

Spot is running in the backyard while Billy and Dad are working. By noon, they have a dog run and a dog house built. Billy moves the dog bowl of water and food from the garage to Sport’s new home, says Dad.

Billy is very proud of what he has done with the help of Dad. I will take good care of Spot by watering and feed him each day, says Billy.

You know that Spot will need to go to the vet for puppy shots and such, says Mom to Billy. The vet will tell you more things to help you care for Spot!!

You have been waiting for a pet and when you finally get one your mind goes blank. You can’t even think of a name.

Well today I want to discuss with you why you should care for your pet, how to protect your pet, what is a healthy pet food, and where you can find pet products.

So let’s jump right in to why you should care for your pet.



Why Care For Your Pet          

This is an interesting question that really has many answers.

  • Love
  • Teach routine
  • Moral obligation
  • For emotional support
  • Because keeping a pet is a choice
  • They are dependent on you!!!

So how do you love a pet? Usually you will love your pet at first sight, at least that is my experience. And you love that pet unconditionally!!


So, we see from our story Billy loved Spot from the first time they met.


Next let’s talk about how to protect your pet…so keep reading.



How To Protect Your Pet  

Is it important to protect your pet? Yes and how do you do this? I compare it to how a mother loves and protects a child. That pet is dependent on you for all their needs. For example, their water bowls need to be changed on a daily basis and they will need to be fed many times during the day. If they are inside, then they will need to be walked on a leash. When you walk them on a leash, you need to make sure other dogs do not harm them and vice versa.

So how did Billy provide for Spot in the story? He gave him water, food, shelter and took him to the vet.

Now let discuss the different kinds of healthy pet food that are out today.





What Is a Healthy Pet Food

Today you can find dry dog food in many different types. For instance, you can get wet food or dry food. Now with wet food the shelf life is of course not as long as dry food. Even in dry food you have the choice of getting hard or semi-soft food. The manufactures may call it soft dry food but let’s face it when you start out with dry crunchy food you can’t really get it totally soft. They do make a brand that you mix with liquid to make gravy that is semi-soft but from personal experience not totally soft.

Now we will talk about the dog treats. You do have a large variety of choices in this area here as well. There are “regular” dog treats, dog treats made of bone powder which will give vitamins and minerals to help keep dogs performing at their peak. You can even make low-fat dog treats which is a very health conscious dog treat.

What about cats you ask? Well they have about the same choices if not a few more.

I bet you are wondering where you can all these products. Well if you will read the next category I will be glad to tell you.



Where Can You Find Pet Products  Home page banner image

You have a choice, you can get in your car, drive to the pet store and find the item you want. Then wait in the long line to pay for it. Then lug it home, out of the car, up your stairs and into the house. Whew, I’m tired just thinking about all that work!!!

Let me offer you an easier way. Just get on your computer and go to and click on pet shop. Search for the product you want, order it and it will be delivered to your door. Now wasn’t that so much easier!! Oh, and if you don’t see the product you want just drop us a line and we will add it because chances are others may find it useful as well.

So far we have dog beds, cool cat collars, luxury cat collars, designer cat collars, dog leashes, breakaway cat collar, dog life vests, male cat collars, adjustable cat collars, dog food, cat food and so much more. Like I said if you don’t see something you want just let us know!!

Now let’s wrap up what all we have talked about today!!





  • Spot
  • Dog run

Why Care For Your Pet

  • Love
  • They are dependent on you

How To Protect Your Pet

  • Walk on a leash
  • Food, water, vet

What Is A Healthy Pet Food

  • Dogs-many kinds of choices
  • Cats also the same

Where Can You Find Pet Products

  • We can help




Our goal is to assist you in every way possible to make this an easy shopping experience. So if you have any additional questions or concerns please feel free to leave them in the comments below. I will respond as quickly as possible.

Elaine Smith

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