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Stuck at Home! – Use this time to enjoy nature’s beauty and learn about the winged beauties around you!

Last updated on April 21, 2020

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Image of Blue Bird on Feeder

There’s time to look out your window now!

Image of blue bird sticking head out of blue bird box.Right outside my office window I have a bird feeder and I can see our bluebird house several yards away.  I’ve captured bluebirds with my camera a while back during spring.  I’ve seen them looking out of their own door/window the the bluebird house like this.

Putting up and maintaining a bird feeder can give you lots of glimpses of beautiful nature here in the Ozarks.

Putting up and maintaining a bird feeder can give you lots of glimpses of beautiful nature here in the Ozarks.

Bird watching can be a lot of fun for both adults and kids.

Great Bird Feeders

Image of hummingbird at feederOur single level town home has a good size deck that we often use for “deck parties” with wine and grilled burgers.  Our deck is also surrounded by trees and bird feeders.  We can sit there with the awning drawn over,  in the shade and hear many bird calls and see birds fluttering to and from our feeders.

I capture many of my bird images from inside my house through windows.  We have removed some of our window screens for this purpose.

We have several different bird feeders, ones similar to each of those in the grid below:

Identify Your birds

My husband and I have several bird books with lots of images so we can identify the birds we see.  Here are some great books available on Amazon that are not expensive.

Birding by Ear

You can also learn to identify bird by their calls.  Its called “Birding by Ear”.   Here is a nice article about that:

Here is a link to a site where you can learn the sounds of our north american birds: Bird Sounds

My Bird Images from my yard

Here are some images I’ve captured of birds around our home and deck. ( hope I have each identified correctly, if not, please let me know by commenting).  I use my Canon digital SLR camera with its 70-200 lens for the feeders further away but I have used my iphone camera for some also and I crop and up-size them in Photoshop.

Image of bluebird Image of Gold Finch Image of Hummingbird Image of Chickadee Image of House Finch
Eastern Bluebird Goldfinch Hummingbird Chickadee House Finch
Image of TidMouse Image of gold finches on feeder Image of Mourning Dove Image of red bellied woodpecker Image of ruby throated hummingbird
Tufted Tidmouse More Gold Finches Mourning Dove Red-bellied Woodpeckeer Ruby throated hummingbird
Image of House Finch
House Finch


If you do not have a digital camera with a long lens, this one might be a good starter one for you. (I’m a Canon fan myself)

What do you need to begin bird watching from home?

  • Time (take time to watch for birds around your home
  • Get a book or two about bird identification (such as the Audubon Society Books)
  • Binoculars
  • You might want a bird watching journal you can keep up with your sightings.
  • Set up some feeders around your home to attract.  Bird baths will also help attract birds to your yard.

Some great binoculars

Bird Watching Journals

Mel and I have the last one shown in the grid below.

Bird Baths


Arkansas Autobon Society

Bella Vista Birds (facebook)

Audubon Societies Near Bella Vista (Web)


I enjoy receiving comments and questions from site visitors. Please leave yours below -shirley

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  1. I live in South Africa and we have very different bird species that frequent our yards, like the rather large Hadedah (Ibis), for example, so it’s always interesting to see the common bird types found in other regions.

    You’ve done a great job with the images and sounds in this article. I really enjoyed going through each one of them.

  2. I love looking at your bird’s photos. I can imagine how relaxing it is surrounded by all the birds. I feel relax whenever I see birds and hear their chirping sounds. I am looking for a good camera as well so thanks for sharing it.

    • Jen, thanks for visiting my site and your comment. Bird watching is soothing to me. -Shirley

  3. Hi Shirley,
    I too live in the Ozarks and enjoy bird watching and taking photos, although, I am a Nikon user. LOL
    I live in an RV and enjoy putting feeders out when we are stopped for a bit to see what we can attract. I have had a lot of Blue Jays, Cardinals and Red-bellied woodpeckers this spring. I have another bird hanging out at the feeder that I need to look up.
    With the recent virus thing I have had a lot of time to watch the birds and listen to them sing.
    Birdwatching is truly a great way to reconnect to nature.

    • Annette, thanks for reading my post and your gracious comment. Well Nikons are good too if you must use them. I see blue jays some and just a few cardinals. One thing I’ve noticed is that when we lived in central Arkansas, I saw mockingbirds. But sine we have retired here I having seen any. Thanks again -Shirley

  4. Hi Shirley, I am so glad I found this webpage, I love birds and being from the Ozarks myself I have seen most of them around here.

    I love your capture the images are so clear your camera is great for such an amazing array of photos. I also love the birdhouses. I have several hummingbird feeders but had planned on getting other birdhouses maybe this year.

    I am going to check out amazon with the birdhouses that are on here to see if they are what I am looking for. Thanks for being so thorough to where I can make a good decision.

    • Lynda, thanks for reading my post and your kind comment. I’m fortunate that I had my own photography studio for several years and learned a lot about enhancing images as well. We have found the type feeders in that post have worked out well for us. Except when those darn squirrels mess the suet ones up. Thanks again. -Shirley

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