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Welcome to the Bella Vista Online Mall

Last updated on April 21, 2020

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Welcome to the Bella Vista Online Mall

Lake Ann imageBella Vista, Arkansas is located in Northwest Arkansas in the beautiful Ozark Mountains.  This area with its miles of beautiful woodlands, hills, and lakes is one of the most popular places to retire in the U.S.

Bella Vista has been nationally recognized as one of America’s Top 10 Best Healthy Places To Retire by U.S. News & World Report, and one of the Top 25 best places for affordable homes by and Money Magazine. In 2017, Bella Vista was ranked as one of the 25 Best Places To Retire.

The population of Bella Vista takes advantage of the natural beauty surrounding their homes by taking part in many outdoor activities, from, walking, running, hiking, tennis, golf, kayaking, tennis, and pickleball.



Lake Bell Vista Walk image


Miles and miles of trails (over 50 miles) for walking, running and cycling provide delightful hours of outdoor activities.

Bella Vista’s 30,000 plus residents have lots of choices of activities to keep them healthy and busy with 7 lakes, and golf courses, 3 outdoor pools, and 1 indoor pool, 3 recreation centers, plus a gun range, pavilions, a dog park and an a great RV park.

Plus there are over 100 Clubs residents can join and enjoy with other residents.

Bella Vista has a large “artist” community as well, in fact, the entire area is artsy.  Mel and I love visiting Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art a few miles away.



Blue bird image


My husband and I have been visiting Bella Vista since 2001, traveling from our home in the Arkansas Delta twice each year (in the spring and again in the Fall) and fell in love with the hills, the Greenways, the walks, waterfalls, and the happy people.  We decided that this was the place where we wanted to spend our retirement years.


We purchased our home in 2013 and moved here in 2016 and now enjoy waking up each morning to look out our windows at the beautiful trees, rolling roads, and watching the antics of neighborhood birds and squirrels as we enjoy coffee each morning.  ( can see our bluebirds right out my window as I sit at my desk).

In Bella Vista, the “RULE OF LIFE” is to ENJOY the beauty of the Natural State in all of its wonders.  You will find nature on display everywhere you look, even right out your window.

I love it so much here in Bella Vista, that I rarely leave the city limits to even shop in the nearby malls and shopping centers.  My shopping trips are taken online from my home office.  Thus my interest in providing my friends and neighbors with fun ways to shop online also.

Call out image with text





In order to make the Shops of this Online Mall the best we can, each of the products that are offered in the various SHOPS of the Bella Vista Online Mall has been researched and found to be some of the best products of their type.

I hope that Bella Vista residents will be able to look at all our “Shops” and get the things they need to help them enjoy their activities:

with the proper equipment

with comfortable clothing that looks good

without ‘breaking” their pockebook


I enjoy answering your questions and reading your comments.  You may leave them below.  Thank you for visiting our website. – Shirley






  1. Cindy RostamoCindy Rostamo

    Hi Shirley! Looking forward on seeing all that Beautiful Bella Vista has to offer us!! Thank you!!

    • Hello Cindy, thanks for visiting the online mall and your comment. I hope to make this online mall better and better. Feel free to make suggestions. You have a great day. -Shirley

  2. Laura MooreLaura Moore

    Bella vista is one of my favorite places on earth and I am blessed to call it home. I am excited about the online mall. Thanks.

    • Thank you, Laura, for visiting the Online mall and your comment. Yes, Bella Vista is a special place and I love living here also. Let me know if you have any suggestions for the Mall.- Shirley

  3. Shirley, this website is so amazing. This website really is one of a kind. Did you invent the “online mall” idea? Cause if so, it’s genius. I’ve never heard of an online mall before. Sure I’ve heard of places like and but, this is the first time I’ve ever heard of an online mall. That’s genius.

    And what an amazing place to retire. Being able to see all that nature has to offer must be beautiful. Maybe I’ll check into this place as a possible retirement destination for me. I’m only 28 but I think about the future a lot. I’m not going to lie, Bella Vista reminds me of a place you can only find in movies. The photos you put here really captures the beauty of this place. I wish you only the best of luck in your online mall. Very well thought out. Thank you for sharing!

    • Jacob, thank you for visiting my Bella Vista Online Mall website and your kind comments. Yes, the Online Mall is my idea, mostly because I’m in a wheelchair and do most of my shopping online.
      Bella Vista is really one of the nicest small towns I’ve seen. The Ozark hills are covered with wonderful green forests and the 7 lakes in Bella Vista are so nice. I love to kayak and being on the water is very relaxing. Mel and I found Bella Vista on a timeshare visit and for a decade we visited twice a year; during those visits, we decided to retire here. We moved here in the summer of 2016 and have truly loved being here. Thank you again for your comments and have a great day. -Shirley

    • JillJill

      Jacob, 70% of Bella Vista residents are under retirement age. You may want to consider moving here now! Northwest Arkansas is one of the fastest growing areas of the country and good jobs are plentiful, as are the amenities. My nephew and his wife moved here when they were 27 thinking they would move away soon after, but 4 years later they are still happily living here and have great jobs. People come here from all over the country, so you will be sure to find your own niche.

      • Yes, Jill, Bella Vista is becoming home to many more than retired people. Families with kids have been moving in the last few years for sure. The appreciation for the natural beauty, the miles of trails and biking paths and lakes as well as the amenities offered at the recreation centers draw many. Also, the Bentonville Schools are great for the kids. We are close to major medical, great shopping and services in Rogers and Bentonville and jobs for the non-retired family. – Shirley

  4. Hi Shirley,
    Sounds like you found another of the missing pieces of Heaven. Over 50 miles of trails sounds like a never ending journey just begging to begin. Are the trails a mix/match, I mean, are some of them paths, wide trails without pavement? Skill levels?
    Bella Vista sounds like one of the better places for retirement and to ease on down the path, shall I say. Thank you for showing me around!

    • Hi Sanders thanks for visiting my website and I appreciate your comment. The trails are a variety of paved and hard dirt paths through the forests. Some of the back-40 trails are wooden along the cliffs with bridges over the creeks and lake runoffs. There are several pretty cool waterfalls after a good rain. I’m in a wheelchair so my husband takes pics and I get to see the waterfalls through his pictures, although when we first starting visiting the area over 10 years ago I did walk some of the trails and got to see the beautiful Tanyard springs falls for myself. Thank you again for your visit and comment. Wishing you an awesome day. -Shirley

  5. Love your Online Mall! So many great choices!

    And Bella Vista looks like a very nice place! One of America’s Top 10 Best Healthy Places To Retire, you say? Hmmm … I must start planning and consider this beautiful place. Thanks for all the photos of Bella Vista. It truly looks idyllic. It is so apt that you chose this name for your mall. 🙂

    • Thanks, Timotheus for visiting my Bella Vista Online Mall site and your kind comment. Yes, Bella Vista has been in the list of top places to retire for several years now. There are people here from all over the U.S. Its a beautiful and relaxing place to live and to visit. My husband and I visitor for almost 10 years before we decided this was where we wanted to retire. Thanks again for your comment and have a great day. – Shirley

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