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What to do during COVID19 quarantine – how about kayaking?

Last updated on May 22, 2020

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An image of kayakers on a lake

Social Distancing on the Water in your Kayak

Staying home and social distancing has made time go slowly for many of us during this Pandemic.  Maybe you are like me and going slightly stir-crazy right now.  I know I need to be careful because I’m vulnerable to the virus (being 66, a diabetic, asthmatic and on chemo drugs).  I know I need to be careful, but I would love to get out.

Lately I’ve been considering getting in my kayak and floating some of the local lakes in Bella Vista.  I checked and the lakes are not closed.  In my kayak, I can social distance and still enjoy the beautiful Ozark mountains we live in.

Bella Vista has a “Paddlers club” that I belong to which you can read about on their Bella Vista Paddlers Facebook Group.  They have a weekly schedule to float all of the seven Bella Vista Lakes.

Image of craneOnce on the water, you can stay as distance as you want from others.  You can enjoy the breezes, the sun, the views of the lakes and even wildlife like turtles and birds.

I got this image with my iphone from my kayak.

You can also get some pretty awesome images of sunrises and sunsets from your kayak.  I’ve included some of mine below so you can imagine how beautiful it can be on the water in your kayak.

Image of sunset over lake Image of beautiful cloudy sunset over lake
Image of a group of kayaks on a lake Image of colorful water in a lake with clouds and a blue sky. Image of foliage along a cliff wall on a lake Image of man in a kayak with swimming dog and group of kayakers on a lake

Kayak with a group or Alone

Whether you kayak as part of a group or alone, it is still save.  You choose how close to others you are in the water.

Resource Links:

Check out my previous post “About the Kayak?”

Also check out the “Kayaking Shop” on the Bella Vista Online Mall.

I have also created a cool ebook “Paddle Your Own Kayak” with lots of information on kayaking you might enjoy.  You can download it for a small amount ($5) in my digital download shop site.  Check out the download link here


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