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Why not let me help you finish your family Christmas shopping?

Last updated on February 24, 2020

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Get The Last Family Gifts Right here On Our Mall.

I just finished my Christmas gift shopping online last night.  I do most of my shopping online because I’m in a wheelchair and its so much more fun and easier to shop online and have it delivered right to my door.  I shop mostly on Amazon – the Worlds Largest Online Retailer.  I love to shop there because the choices are endless and my Amazon Prime subscription gets my orders here so quickly – usually within two days.  I also use Amazon all the time to find and download books for my kindle (I’m a voracious reader!).  I have Kindle Unlimited and I can try all kinds of books and new authors for free.  I select the many, many free books from new authors and even well-known authors also.  It’s perfect for my reading habit.

The Seasonal Sale Shop here on the Bella Vista Online Mall is now updated for Christmas.  I’ve spent quite a bit of time selecting possible gift choices.  You can go there and see what I’ve selected this year.  Or just check out any of the other many Shops from the “Our Shops” dropdown menu.

I hope you find something that will help you with your Christmas gift shipping.  I know I’ve ordered new clothes and toys for my grand kids and gift cards are also great for those who live far away.  The choices are pretty endless at Amazon.  I hope you enjoy shopping here at the Bella Vista Online Mall.



If you are a business man or woman, remember The Bella Vista Online Mall (BVOM) offers business ads and coupons.  Check it out on our Purchase Ads page.



I enjoy getting comments and questions, please leave yours below.  Also, Please share this page with your friends who may be interested. -Shirley


NOTE:  This page contains affiliate links, which, is clicked on and an item purchased, I receive a small commission.

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