Kindle Fire HD Tablet for Kids – Product Review

Image of two young boys on sofaChoosing an Educational Tablet for Kids – my Grandkids

This Christmas I decided I wanted to get my grandkids something educational and cool to use.  I have two precious little boy grandsons, age 3 and 5 and 1/2.  Their parents are missionaries just arrived back in the States on furlough.  My daughter will be homeschooling them.

I had been looking for a learning tablet for kids several years now to get them; however on the mission field, they do not have good internet, but now that they are back in the states for a couple of years, the internet is no problem. Read more about Kindle Fire HD Tablet for Kids – Product Review


I feel Plunderful!

Plunderful! So how does Plunderful! feel?  It feels special, unique, stylish and VINTAGE!. This month i became a Plunder Design Stylist.  Plunder Design offers the…

Things to do in Bella Vista Arkansas – includes Shopping

Bella Vista is for Shopping as well as Relaxing

Bella Vista, Arkansas, one of the top “places to retire,” is known for its natural beauty and variety of things to do – especially outdoor activities. These activities include golf, tennis, pickleball, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, swimming, volleyball, hiking, and cycling.  I see many people doing these activities as I drive around Bella Vista and there are even more things to do that are less strenuous, like walking, creating art and playing card games.  I’ve read where there are over 100 different clubs in Bella Vista.  And if you are not active in one of those clubs or in many other activities popular here, then you can always enjoy dining at one of Bella Vista’s excellent dining spots.  Some of these are:

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