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Stuck at Home? -this is the time to read!

Last updated on April 3, 2020

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Reading with an e tablet has great benefits

I’m a voracious reader myself and I’ve been using e readers for years now.  Back when I read mostly “real” books, I had so many books in my house that my husband once told me the weight of our home was mostly in my books – lol!

Then I found e readers like the Amazon Kindle and the Amazon Kindle app for my phone.  I began to read mostly digital versions of books with my amazon Kindle and the app on my iPhone.

The kindle app can be installed on a desktop or labtop also, but on my larger sized iphone I read perfectly well.  I’ve found some true advantages to using e readers and apps.

Here are some of the benefits I’ve found to reading using e readers and tablets

  • I can adjust the text size to make it much easier for my older eyes to read.  I can even adjust the color of the background and text to make it easier.
  • I do not have to worry about having great light to read by because the reader or phone provides its own light that I can adjust to fit me and my eyes to a “T”.
  • Most books now have digital e reader versions also and they are typically cheaper than the “real” books.
  • Libraries now provide ways to “check out” digital versions of books.
  • My e reader and apps keep up with my place in the book – no more real bookmarks or bent corners needed.
  • I can access the eBook I’m reading from several of my devices:  my Amazon Kindle Fire, my iPhone/desktop/notebook (all using the Kindle app).
  • As long as I have a wi-fi connection, I can access my eBooks or I can download the one I’m reading and then do not need wi-fi or internet.
  • When I travel, I no longer need to pack several heavy books in my luggage – I have access to thousands of books on my Amazon Kindle Fire or my notebook/iPhone (from the app).
  • I can “try out” new authors FREE using my Amazon Kindle unlimited subcription
  • If I start a free eBook and find it doesn’t hold my attention, I’m out no money to just quit and start a new book.
  • I can choose an eBook and download it instantly to read.
  • I have literally thousands of eBooks in my Kindle library and they take up no room in my home, purse or luggage.
  • E books are very “green” – no trees have been destroyed creating them.
  • Ebooks sometimes have bonuses which you can access also.
  • Ebooks are searchable. – Cool huh?
  • Ebooks can be printed if you must have a hard copy.
  • There are a lot of nonfiction ebooks to learn with and they often include images and videos to help you learn.
  • If you are anon-teckie, then don’t worry, using an ereader or table and downloading ebooks is pretty simple and both youngies (kids) and grannies (like me) can learn how to do so easily.

My favorite way to read ebooks

Amazon Kindle Fire tablets

There are several versions of the Amazon e reader tablets.  I love the Amazon Fire ones.  Amazon frequently offers sales on these tablets so you can get them a very reasonable prices.  I purchased Amazon Fire tablets for my two little grandsons a couple of years ago and they absolutely love them – although they call them incorrectly “my ipad”.

They are not ipads but have lots of great uses for children if you purchase them with the Freetime unlimited subscription and the kids case to protect them. The subscription can be renewed each year and you can add additional items to each child’s tablet as they grow.  Also parents have complete parental control of what the child has access to and can choose the age level of contents, as well as the time allowed each day for each child.

For my grand kids I created a new Amazon account just to purchase these tablets for my grandsons and that is billed to me so I can add cool books and things to their tablets.  My daughter and son-in-law have access to this account and can control all aspects of the content for each child and I can pay for additional things.  If they are broken, there is a great guarantee to replace it from Amazon.

Here are some of the various offers from Amazon for these Kindle Fire Tablets for Kids

There is a great comparison table at this link.

Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets for Adults

Here are some of the Fire Tablets available for Adults

My suggestion is to always purchase tablets that use your own wi-fi rather than encur additional internet fees.

More about getting FREE ebooks

I absolutely love my Kindle Unlimited subscription.  This is a service that allows you to read as much as you want, choosing from over 1 million titles and thousands of audiobooks. Freely explore new authors, books, and genres from mysteries and romance to sci-fi and more. You can read on any device. This service is available for $9.99 a month and you can cancel anytime if its not for you.

Sign up

Kindle Unlimited

Amazon Prime plan below

Reading Real Books

If you must read a “real” book, Amazon has lots of choices for you

Amazon Best Print Sellers

Books to read in a lifetime

Editors First Picks

New York Times Best Sellers

Audible Books

Audible Books Best Sellers



I enjoy receiving comments and questions from site visitors. Please leave yours below -shirley

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  1. Thank you for the informative review, so many things I didn’t know about E-Books like Libraries use them now too! Glad you pointed out they’re very “Green”! ?
    Great way to get children into reading as you mentioned too, love it!

    • Sammi, thanks for visiting my site and reading the post. Also for your kind comment. Yes reading is awesome! its been a part of my life since I was a child. Thanks. -shirley

  2. Wonderfully executed! This was just what I needed to help me make a purchase! I really enjoyed reading this article, and I look forward to reading more.

    • Elise, thanks for reading my post and your comment. I’m glad I could be of help. I hope you enjoy your Kindle tablet. Thanks again -Shirley

  3. F1 F1

    Thanks for this post . You touch upon the benefits of using a tablet/electronic devices to read such as the fact text size can be adjusted or the fact that you can adjust brightness to your own need. I agree with both of these points you have raised. These devices really can be a great help especially because you can store so many books in one!

    • F1, thanks for your comment. Yes I love that I can store literally thousands of ebooks in my online Amazon library and download those I’m currently reading. Every week I go to Amazon and download free eboks (because of my Kindle Unlimited subscription). I try so many new authors and if I start a book that I find not interesting, I can just stop and start another one. Right now I’m downloading many free “boxed sets” so I can read entire series on my Kindle. Thank you for your comment again -shirley

  4. I enjoyed this post as I also enjoy reading books and love my Kindle fire! I’m not an avid reader, and rarely read fiction, but like the convenience of being able able to open a book on any device. I also store e-books in Dropbox which makes life even easier:)

    • Thanks for reading my post and your comment. I read lots of fiction but also download many nonfiction (a lot of them free). You mentioned Dropbox, I love my Dropbox account. I store ALL my files online in Dropbox, keeping just programs on my desktop. Dropbox is my “backup system”. I also love that I can access it from anywhere, any computer/notebook/smart phone with internet. I may have to create a blog post about Dropbox and how awesome it is. Thanks again -Shirley

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