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My first try at Grocery Pickup

Last updated on January 27, 2020

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My first try at Grocery to go pickup

Bella Vista may not be as much of a “retirement” community as it used to be, but there are still lots of retired and senior residents like myself. I’m retired.  I’m also handicapped (in a wheelchair).  This makes shopping of any sort at a brick and mortar store more difficult.  Many stores do not have the electric carts at all or not enough for the demand.

Many times I’ve gone to Walmart and had to wait quite a long time to get access to an electric cart with a basket to hold my purchases.  Its no fun when you have to struggle from your parking spot with a cane or walker when you really need an electric cart with a basket to shop and hold your purchases.

Then there are the stores like Dillards where there are NO CARTS at all unless you bring your own.  Then you have to load and unload your own cart from your vehicle.  Even if you have a wheelchair you carry around with your vehicle, loading and unloading it can be difficult if you are by yourself.  Also, your wheelchair probably doesn’t have an attached basket that will contain your purchases.  This week I decided to use the “Walmart to go” or pickup.  The Walmart store just over the Missouri line in Pineville provides both pick up and delivery of groceries.

How does it work?

You place your order online and then go park in the pickup spot at the Walmart closest to you that provides the service.

  1. You will need to create yourself an online account at Walmart (not hard to do).  Go To and the pick up and delivery section of the website:
  2. Choose the Walmart location close to you that offers grocery pickup.  (in my case it was the Pineville Walmart (it offers both pickup and delivery options, but you can choose the specific location you want to use)
  3. Reserve your timeslot to go to that store to pickup your groceries and items.
  4. Fill your online cart with the items you want purchased and pay with your cc or debit card.
  5. Mark the items you will accept an exchange for if the item is not available.
  6. Your account will have your email address included.
  7. You will be notified when your pickup is ready by email.
  8. Download the Walmart app to your smart phone.
  9. Drive to the Walmart (in my case – the one just into Missouri north of Bella Vista when you receive the email that your order is ready to pickup.
  10. Go to the center parking isle that has Pickup Signs (they are numbered).  I got parking spot #1.
  11. I logged into my Walmart app and entered that I was ready to pickup my order, the parking slot I was in and the color of my car.
  12. Shortly a lady came out with my order and loaded it into my car.  She was very nice.  She also said she did home delivery too but unfortunately she could only deliver to the door step, not take the groceries inside.  Too bad for me, but its a Walmart rule for the safety of their employee which I can understand.

My first experience was a good one and I’ll definitely order for a pick upagain.

What about Harps at Town Center?

My understanding is that the new Harps store at Town Center also offers home delivery, but I haven’t tried it yet.

Here’s the website locator link.

Here’s more information at this site: & Delivery

Create an account and choose your location.  I figure the procedure is similar at Harps as at Walmart.  There is a Harps app also for you to download.

Here’s a link to Bella Vista Harps on Facebook.


I enjoy getting comments and questions from my site visitors.  Let me know your experiences with grocery pickup and delivery.  You can leave your comments below -Shirley


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